The Collaborative Divorce process is a new model in family law that offers an alternative to litigation.  The divorcing couple is part of a Collaborative Team that includes attorneys for both parties, a neutral financial specialist and mental health professionals in two different capacities—a Collaborative Divorce Coach and a Collaborative Child Specialist.  Dr. Miller can provide services in either role.  Each member of the team commits to a respectful and transparent process that fosters an emotionally healthy environment, protects the parties and their children from the fallout of a more adversarial approach and lays the groundwork for an amicable future relationship.

As a Collaborative Divorce Coach Dr. Miller helps clients prepare emotionally for team meetings, facilitates open and civil communication and provides support.  She also helps in the creation of a co-parenting plan that is acceptable to both parents.  As a Collaborative Child Specialist Dr. Miller assists the team and parents in understanding the concerns of the children, helps the parents guide the children through the divorce and provides information to aid in the development of an effective co-parenting plan.

Dr. Miller has a unique background for this type of work.  She has a law degree and practiced law for a number of years before pursuing her doctorate in clinical psychology.   Collaborative Divorce is particularly appealing to her because it utilizes both types of expertise in order to achieve a more efficient and positive outcome.     

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