Dr. Miller works with young children, adolescents, adults and couples on issues such as anxiety, depression, relationship problems and grief.  Her style is warm and empathic and employs varied techniques, including the exploration of patterns and their historical sources, cognitive-behavioral strategies, mindfulness, and play therapy.  In her practice the establishment of a good working relationship wherein the person feels safe and understood is paramount. 

Dr. Miller’s training and early career experience emphasized child psychotherapy, and she very much enjoys working with children of all ages and their parents. Her child and adolescent psychotherapy practice involves identifying feelings, increasing insight, improving problem-solving skills, consulting with schools, coordinating with physicians, and providing parent guidance.  Young children often are better able to express themselves through play, and Dr. Miller is a seasoned play therapist.  She is also effective with adolescents, where the primary task in establishing a successful therapeutic relationship is maintaining trust.  Dr. Miller communicates with the parents of her child and adolescent patients regularly, with the age and developmental needs of the patient determining the content and frequency of the contact.  

Dr. Miller sees many adults individually, and this work focuses on gaining understanding through exploration of the past, developing coping mechanisms for the present and promoting personal growth.  Over time she has developed a particular interest in couples, and in 2004 she completed a two-year training program in couple therapy sponsored by the Maryland Psychological Foundation.  Her work with couples focuses on improving communication, changing destructive marital interactions, and fostering intimacy.

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